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Finegold International specialises in the design manufacture and repairs of all diamond, gold and other jewellery. We also buy and sell Kruger Rands,

Finegold International offers a convenient, reliable, affordable and safe way of shopping for the finest of diamonds, most of which are mined, polished and graded locally.
We offer our clients a large selection of loose diamonds and jewellery in a variety of stones, colours, shapes, sizes, and clarities at highly competitive prices. We design and manufacture jewellery on order.

If you are looking to buy diamonds, gold or platinum jewellery, or Kruger Rands, we offer a very competitive service to all new and existing clients.We stock and make up a variety of both mens platinum, white or yellow gold wedding bands, ladies platinum, white or yellow gold diamond or plain wedding rings, wedding and engagement ring sets, diamond engagement rings, diamond eternity rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants and necklaces,  and design or manufacture each item according to your unique design.We are able to assist with the design of your specific item of jewellery, if it is not in stock already. Your unique engagement ring, or wedding ring will take no longer than 7 working days to manufacture, once the deposit has been paid.

Our head office is in Parktown, Johannesburg.

John Adams, the owner, has been involved in the diamond and jewellery industry since 1988, and is well respected for his knowledge and professionalism, as well as his honesty and integrity. Our business philosophy has always been to offer the best quality, competitively priced products, guaranteeing ongoing client satisfaction, service and value, to ensure repetitive business.
For enquiries please contact us on 
or +27 11 484 7554/5 for assistance.

We offer a large choice of diamonds and other precious stones and jewellery, and specialise in the manufacture of custom made jewellery, to suit your personal taste.

We are a Ring Manufacturer  where you can order Engagement Rings, Eternity Rings, Wedding Bands, Certified Diamonds, Gold Coins, Birth Stones, Kruger Rands or let us help with Diamond ring design, situated in Johannesburg, Gauteng. (South Africa)

Contact details
Tel: 27 11 484 7554/5
Fax: 27 11 484 6350

Physical address: Suite 306, East Tower
27 Ridge Road

Postal address: P.O.Box 284
South Africa
NOTE: By appointment only.
(Office hours: Mon. to Fri. 08h30 - 16h30)

Ring designs, diamond engagement rings, anniversary rings, wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, pendants & jewellery in gold or platinum
We are specialists in the custom design & manufacture of hand made jewellery, diamond engagement rings, anniversary rings & wedding bands in white or yellow gold & platinum.
Let us help you to design your personally designed jewellery.
We will help you choose a diamond to suit your taste and budget, and create your own unique piece in gold or platinum, that suits only you. Rely on our invaluable experience, gained over the past 2 decades, since 1988, to source loose diamonds, tanzanite and other precious stones at unbeatable prices.

With our sound reputation as one of South Africa's premier diamond dealers and jewellery designers, we have made it possible for our clients to design their own custom made pieces of jewellery in yellow, white gold or platinum.

Whether you are buying an engagement ring from our timeless solitaire range or our popular three stone setting range, a, wedding band, full or half eternity ring, each piece is custom made for you.
We will help you select your diamond, design your piece and manufacture your jewelry always taking your budget into account. 
Our custom made jewellery includes ear studs or earrings, tennis bracelets, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces.
Our men's range includes handmade wedding bands,  ear studs, gold chains or bracelets. 
We also do engraving for those special occasions.

Most of our diamonds are mined, cut, polished and graded in South Africa. Each diamond carries a grading report (certificate) detailing the cut, clarity, colour and specific laboratory number allocated to the diamond.
This certificate is issued by independent certification laboratories such as GIA (Gemological Association of America),  IDL (Independant Diamond Grading Laboratory), DIA and EGL (European Gemological Laboratory), and is your assurance that your diamond is certified.

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